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The Lodge of Friendship No.5909

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Why Join Us?

It’s a great question, and hopefully we can give you some great answers!

People come to Masonry for many different reasons:

Friendship is always high, if not THE highest reason on most Masons list. Many of us work in a world where it’s hard not to be judged by those around you.  Freemasons accept one another without thought of social background or personal history.  This “Level playing field” makes it so much easier to make lifelong friends of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our particular lodge has members who travel vast distances from all over the region, such is the warmth of the bond between our brethren.

Some enjoy the “Pomp & Ceremony”.  Our rituals are full to bursting with history and it’s true that taking part in them can give you a brilliant sense of satisfaction when the “Team” are all pulling together.  The appreciation and support of your fellow members is something to lift your spirits for some considerable time after a meeting.

Social interaction is a lot of fun, after the Lodge meeting, we all retire for a “Festive Board” meal together.  A chance to chat, laugh, make new friends, remember old ones and do our bit for charity.  For many, this is a real social occasion to look forward to each month.

Public speaking.  Many of us have never stood up and addressed a number of people in public. But, because of the way Freemasonry is structured, this opportunity comes in very gently, so rather than being a daunting prospect, you soon find yourself eagerly waiting for your “moment” to speak, and with the solid encouragement of your friends in the lodge any fear you ever had before just evaporates.

Being “Part” of something.  Freemasonry is special, it only offers you what you decide to give yourself, but if you want it, you can be part of a great lodge of people, in turn a regional, national and international organisation, numbering some of the most famous people in our history, where you will genuinely be welcomed as a friend by “Brothers” from all over the world.